Thursday, June 3, 2010

Ghada Amer

So Im usually not a fan of the really abstract art; it frustrates me as an artist when I look at something and I cant even get it. Ive been able to find beauty and meaning in some abstract art, but its a rare occurrence. I think this is one of those occurrences. In my search for a good picture of The Dance by Matisse (an artist who I am ashamed to admit I barely appreciate) for reasons of my own, I came across this painting called The Dance of the Red Rhythm. And I really love it, I wish I could see it in person, and soak it in. And i just had to document this wonderful finding. So, without further ado, The Dance of the Red Rhythm:


  1. Hi Lauren. I run across your posting by chance today. Have you seen the painting/embroidery in person? I'm the very lucky owner, and it's amazing, and not quite as abstract as it might seem at first glance. Full of references to Walt Disney and pornography (as commonly is the case with Ghada Amer). Cheers, Jonas.

  2. Jonas! I don't know if you will ever see this comment but I was really thrilled to get the email that notified me of yours. I havent blogged on blogspot in almost a year, so i was a bit confused- but I think thats so amazing! I love this piece and you are a very lucky owner indeed :)