Saturday, July 3, 2010

This Week...

1. JD Salinger: my goal of the summer is to read all of his works

2. Morning Runs: for the 4th day in a row, I've gone on a morning run. I'm deplorable at it, but I'm already seeing improvement!

3. Jason Reitman Films: As in Juno, Thank You For Smoking, ect. Lately, I've been so much more interested in the director than the actors, and Jason Reitman is a great one!

4. Bossa Nova: The most chill music on earth. Need anymore be said?

5. Garlic Knots: and cooking in general. I made dinner with my 9 year old brother the other night, and it might have been the most epic culinary experience of my life.

6. My Janome: My sewing machine is being so good to me, for now, at least, and I love it. And this is one beautiful sewing machine:

7. Pearl Bobby Pins: I keep making them in different sizes and colors! It all stemmed from a conversation with my dear friend BethMarie, and its snowballing haha

8. Good Old War: Good ol' music

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9. Floral Print: I hated it as a child, but I am now finally recognizing the genius of this stuff. I just got a huge old skirt from the thrift store- which was actually hand made, and is currently being painstakingly and carefully reconstructed.

10. I suppose this ties back to #1, because Salinger's works are rife with beautiful and uncommon words, so wordnik is helping me expand my vocabulary as i read.

11. The Beach: When i was in 7th grade, i swore that I hated the beach and wouldn't go back. I can't get enough of it now :)

12. Special K red Berries. Nuff Said.

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