Monday, May 17, 2010

The list of awesome

Inspired from multiple blogs and other things, I decided to make my own list of awesome. Here she is, so far:

Finding money you didn't realize you lost

When your table is the first one called up at a buffet (like at a wedding reception or something)

Waking up from a nightmare, relieved to find it was just a dream

Friendly people

Lying in bed and peeling your socks off right before you fall asleep

Finding hidden compartments in things you already own

Picking up a q and a u at the same time in scrabble

Wearing underwear fresh out of the dryer

Falling asleep in class, and waking up to the professor talking about the same exact thing

When you hear a stranger fart in public

When you fart in public

Getting anonymous encouraging notes

Homemade lemonade

Getting caught in the rain, and not minding a bit

The first shower you take after not showering for a long time...anyone who went with me to vermont can relate to this one :)

When someone flashes their high beams to warn you of sneaky cops

Parallel parking on the first try

Street lights on wet pavement

Eating a lunchable

Getting like, four green lights in a row

When you’re falling asleep and someone covers you with a blanket

Passing notes in college

When you’re in the cafeteria and all of a sudden, everyone is totally silent

When just as you arrive at your destination, a fantastic song ends on the radio

Walking past a bakery and smelling it

Patiently roasting the perfect marshmallow

Getting actual letters in the mail

Taking your socks off after a long day

Going bowling, just for the heck of it

Finishing a game of monopoly

High fiving a baby

Pulling through a parking spot

Getting in a line just before it gets really long

Getting matzo crackers on clearance after Passover

The five second rule

Mix tapes

When the vending machine gives you two things instead of one

Finding a really funny doodle on your desk

The cool of the other side of the pillow

Bubble wrap

When you push the button for the elevator, and the doors immediately open because its already there

The very closest non-handicap parking spot

When your waitress gives you one extra mozzarella stick

When the public bathroom has hand towels instead of a hand dryer

That one, really good pen that never gets lost

Seeing a cop hiding in the bushes, freaking out and then realizing you’re going the speed limit anyway

The people you don’t have to clean up for before they visit your house

Putting potato chips on a sandwich

The feeling of a new tooth brush

Buying a tube of Pillsbury cookie dough from ShopRite, and just eating it

Finding the shirt you want at the store and it’s the last one AND it’s in your size

The moment when you’re at a restaurant and you see your food coming

When you get the last available seat on the roller coaster. (or subway.)


When someone gives you their last piece of gum

When a speech you expected to be long is refreshingly short

Play dough

Laughing so hard, you make no sound at all

Actually liking your haircut

When the light turns green just as you approach the intersection

When you sneeze and a stranger says bless you

When a stranger compliments you

Taking the price tag off in one clean peel

Making someone crack up when their mouth is full

Sucking your stomach in just when a picture is taken

Recognizing a constellation

Listening to your new favorite song 12 times in a row

When you turn on the radio and a song you love is just starting

Getting in someone else’s picture

When your laptop’s battery is so low, and you run and plug it in just in time, before it completely

Frosted flakes

Hot chocolate and blankets with someone you love

When you’re trying to take a picture with someone, and a stranger walking by offers to take it
for you

When you wake up on Monday, and then realize it’s a three day weekend and fall back to sleep

Having wonderful dreams

Walking on only the colored floor tiles

When batteries are included

When the phone rings and it is someone you were just thinking about

Sitting on an old couch outside before the garbage man whisks it away

When you sneak a sniff of your armpits, and are relieved to find it’s not you who stinks

When your windshield wipers are in time with the beat of the song you’re listening to

Laughing really hard at dumb jokes

The first hug you get from someone after not seeing them for a while

When you look at the clock and the numbers are your birth date

Paying in exact change

You do a countdown and it actually works

You walk up to the buffet just in time to be the first to get the fresh hot food

This list

Can anyone think of anything else?


Drinking straight from the carton

Hot mint mocha brownie with melting turkey hill mint chocolate chip ice cream on top

white boy afros

the feeling you get when you begin to rediscover a fantastic book you hadn't read in a while, and you realize you have forgotten the ending.

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  1. I love you!!! This was AWESOME! I totally agree with the lunchable one. and hearing a stranger fart in public! hahahaha